The GSA expertise is founded on a history of pioneering technology to deliver tailored client solutions. The global reporting technology platform utilised by the GSA is provided by Orient Capital, a Link Group subsidiary, via their proprietary capital markets management platform miraqle®. Orient Capital are the largest analyser of share registers and the dominant provider of equity ownership analytics globally.

The GSA remains committed to leveraging and developing new technology in an ever changing market to enhance practices and drive investor behaviour. The peripheral systems that underpin our premium service are modular, flexible and subject to best practice business continuity processes.

Global Reporting Portal

The GSA offering includes a unique global reporting solution for international companies. miraqle draws data directly from GSA member registry platforms to give a consolidated global view of an organisation's underlying equity. Key features include:

  • Global daily register summary
  • Top Holders, Movements, Trends and Profiling
  • The flexibility to interrogate your register at a global level

Online Capabilities

The GSA is at the forefront of employing online solutions for capital management projects. All online services are fully integrated with core registry systems, providing seamless interaction with acceptance tracking as well as facilitating real-time reporting. Highly reliable, the system design is scalable and optimised for high volume online transaction processing.